Imhotep Modules

360 degrees cloud medical application

Calendar and Appointments Module

  • Dynamic and user friendly calendar
  • Smart and color coded calendar
  • Easy access to all modules from the calendar
  • Email, SMS and on screen notifications for patients and doctors
  • Doctors’/therapist availability and schedule
  • Management and confirmation of appointments from the calendar

Patient Tracking Module

patient file
  • Dynamic patient card
  • Any document can be attached to the patient card
  • Tentative appointment reservations
  • Dashboard containing all medical records
  • Medical information can be shared within doctors
  • Online profile management
  • Online treatment follow up
  • Medical history
  • Mobile access
  • Online medical templates request
  • Online lab test result
  • Patient dashboard
  • Patient financials

Anatomy Module

  • IMHOTEP anatomy module is characterized by its graphical interface, the doctor/therapist will be able to work and input data graphically from any desired image.
  • The image anatomy will be color coded and customized with the corresponding form of each anatomy section to be filled by the doctor.

SDTL Module

symptoms and diagnosis
  • Secure database
  • All medical and physical activities are tracked from the smart calendar.
  • Document attachments to all medical activities.
  • Patients medical history access
  • Patients’ symptoms and diagnosis input during their visit.
  • Clinical tests
  • Generating medical templates and lab test requests
  • Patient file and history sharing
  • Imaging and lab test results
  • Surgery management
  • Generating treatment program
  • Clinical Tests and dynamics documents

Financial Module

financial module
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Payment in advance
  • Patient Financial history
  • Clinic and doctors’ financial reports
  • Automation between doctors and assistants
  • Daily Clinic and doctors sales
  • Financials reports
  • Expenses
  • Insurance
  • CNSS

Suppliers and Stock Module

Suppliers and stock
  • Creating and managing inventory items, non-inventory items and expenses
  • Creating and managing vendors
  • Creating and managing purchase orders
  • Creating and managing items receiving
  • Stock adjustment page for internal and external items consumption
  • Inventory items transfer between clinics/centers and departments
  • Managing expenses
  • Managing commissions


Point of Sales POS
IMHOTEP web POS is a responsive form that fits any device screen and characterized by its user interface. The POS module includes:
  • Front office POS for selling items and services
  • Automatics inventory items redemption from the POS
  • Automatic Stock inspection on selling
  • Generating invoices
  • Receiving payments
  • Generating patient/customers statements

Advanced Reporting and BI Module

  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI
  • Accessing reports online and from any mobile device
  • Tracking financial activities
  • Tracking customers visits and appointments
  • Generating statistics
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Managing multiple locations from one centralize database
  • Building customized reports

Notifications and Reminders

mobile notification
  • Appointment notifications for patients
  • Doctors SMS notifications
  • Doctors and therapists reminders
  • Create your own reminders and Notification plan
  • Notifications By email and SMS

Loyalty and Rewarding Module (Coming Soon)

Loyalty and rewarding
  • Gifts and rewards
  • Memberships & Packages
  • Track Retention Rates
  • Promotions and campaings
  • Collect Feedback and comment card
  • Loyalty program based on number of visits and expenses
  • Integration with online loyalty portal
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Mass emails for specific customers
  • Customers leveling and categorization